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This thing freaking rock!
"I am clinical insomnia. I stacked this with Passionflower extract. I slept for 5 hours- best sleep I've heard in years. Might not be a lot for other people but 5 hours for insomniac like me freaking rocks!"
Hey John - I couldn't ask for a better review. It's absolutely awesome that it's helping your insomnia. I'm going to send you an e-mail now with a few more insights that may help with your insomnia - but for everyone reading this: Magnesium's effect on GABA receptors can have a beneficial impact on our ability to sleep. - Focus Supplements
Quick, reasonably priced product, very
"Quick, reasonably priced product, very happy customer thanks ."
Excellent Value
"The products are good quality, and the information & webchat on the website makes it easy to choose the right product."
Uridine and choline
"The product arrived next day. Very easy website to use. "
Alpha GPC
"There was an issue at the start, however they quickly and proactively sorted it out for me. I will be purchasing from them again in the future without any hesitation."
Muddasar A.
seamless purchase
"hassle free, and quick delivery."
Owais P.
Alpha gpc powder.
"Excellent delivery speed. The product does help sharpen up the brain a tad and it tastes OK too."
Dean W.
Very good
"Very good, works well."
Excellent CDP Choline
"An excellent product from an excellent company. I like to boost my choline levels when taking other supplements that can otherwise deplete choline"
David G.
Review of alpha gpc and longjack aka tongkat Ali
"Received quickly and the alpha gpc was of a high quality and completely water soluble. The longjack/tongkat was of a high quality as can be seen from the light yellow colour therefor it had little plant fats or impurities and has not been overheated in production process. Also most competitive price for tongkat I can find on the market. Thanks"
jameel s.
Alpha G.P.C. Rocks
"I bough this Alpha G.P.C. to stack with my racetams and it works like a dream. In fact I noticably miss it when Its missing. However my 100 year old Nan with dementia absolutely thrives on it. And I reccognise a particular type of confusion she gets without it. Also this brand is best."
aogan o.
"I definitely have more energy available while taking Pterostilbene, I'm taking it with resveratrol. Will buy again."
No complaints here
"Good trader. Wholeheartedly endorse. "
m r.
Amazing results and great customer service
"I tried out Focus Supplements after seeing a recommendation online and now use them regularly because they've worked so well for me. They've done regular sales as they're trying to grow the business which means I've made massive savings over the past year compared to some other sites I've looked at. I buy Alpha GPC and Uridine monophosphate tablets and first ordered over a year ago. I was sceptical as to how effective nootropics would be but I've had the same results as everyone else, it's improved my mood, motivation and memory in that time. The mood and motivation came started from the first dose but the memory improvements took a while to notice and I think comes from use over time but it's helped massively in my job being able to remember thing I wouldn't have before and more confident in my abilities as a result. "
Excellent product
"Would recommend "
Nasar Z.
Excellent product and service
"The product really does boost memory! Would definitely recommend "
Satisfied,very quick delivery
"Satisfied,very quick delivery"
Kalin K.
Good service
"Very satisfied with the service received and will certainly buy from the website again. Thanks guys!"
Very good
"Very good quality, as expected! 5*"
Rossy A.
Review of Alpha GPC (pure powder)
"A great value product with speedy shipment. I would recommend this product and this company. I mix alpha gpc with aniracetam with great results. It really helps me to focus and be productive at my busy job. As my working week progresses and fatigue sets in, this supplement helps me to meet my deadlines by giving me extra mental energy to get the job done. I am looking forwards to trying out some different products to create a nootropics 'stack'. "
Charlote L.
"A good product and works well"
Glad to hear DIM is working well for you - cheers for the review! - Focus Supplements
Problem free transaction
"Quick delivery and good value."
Judith E.
Thanks for leaving a review Judith - good to hear it arrived fast. - Focus Supplements
Very happy
"My experience was very good.. I will be ordering from you again."
Wendy R.
Thanks very much Wendy - we hope to see you again soon! - Focus Supplements
Tongkat Ali
"Delivery arrived very quickly up to the Scottish Highlands. Great communication from the supplier, and a quality product. Have already made a second order for twice the amount. Highly recommended!"
Alpha GPC powder
"Shipping UK to NL was quick, the 50% mix was very easy to work with and cap up myself. Will buy again."
Good to hear you got it fast and found it easy to capsule yourself - looking forward to you buying again ;) - Focus Supplements
Alpha GPC + Uridine Monosphosphate 125 mg. Great Product.
"Three of these per day makes me feel focused and relaxed. Feel like I'm ready for anything throughout the day. Overall great feeling. Works well and very potent. Will recommend to others."
mashfik s.
Excellent product
"Excellent product. Great value "
continued satisfaction
"still first class and honoured service"
evan d.
Tongkat ali
"Great product ill definately buy again"
Paul I.
"ok, nice package and fast delivery, just started to use it recently"
Jaroslav P.