The Cognitive Performance Supplement Leaderboard - October 2017:

  1. Alpha GPC - a Choline supplement - Numerous studies from MIT, Cambridge and numerous other research centers have linked Choline to building/repairing neurons and improving memory and learning ability.
  2. CDP Choline - a Choline supplement - Similar to Alpha GPC, except it gives more of a motivation boost.
  3. Longjack Tongkat Ali - "Malaysia’s aphrodisiac" - A herb used for encouraging testosterone release, boosting strength, cutting fat, and improving sex drive.
  4. Uridine - a brain developer - Observed by MIT to amplify Choline's memory enhancing benefits.  
  5. 5-HTP - a mood enhancer - Studied to help boost mood by encouraging Serotonin release.

Jon's Comments: Alpha GPC once again rules supreme - no surprises there - both it and CDP Choline are potent memory and learning supplements, often forming the "core" part of a bio-hackers every-day supplement stack.

"The Arctic Herb Kept Secret By The Soviets For Its Powerful Mental Fatigue And Energising Effects"

- 23 October, 2017

You won’t find many plants growing in the rough, high-reaching mountains of Russia.

The weather is cold enough to freeze limbs off explorers bold enough to travel there in the winter, and hot enough to dehydrate a cactus in the summer. Very few plants can survive the extreme conditions found on these mountains.

There is one plant, however, that has peaked the interest of botanists for over a century that appears to thrive in these stressful environments. We call this plant rhodiola.

The Top Reviewer of September 2017 Award Goes To...

  1. Anonymous Reviewer - Reviewing C DP Choline - "This product has so far worked wonders in providing alterness and memory enhancements and will undoubtably be part of my stack of supplements. Anyone considering stacking this product with anything else, I'll recommend oxiracetam."

Jon's Comments: A decent review with a stacking suggestion - your account has been credited with £10 to spend! (ooh, aah)

Stacking a Choline supplement with a racetam is always a good idea - to "top up" our Acetylcholine which is depleted by racetam supplements.

Even if you aren't taking a Racetam supplement, I'd still recommend taking a Choline supplement like CDP Choline. The proven memory and brain-development benefits are too good to pass up and 90% of people are apparently Choline deficient.

PS: Any verified customer can leave a review anonymously - you're still eligible for our "Top Reviewer" monthly draw.