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Higher Strength Uridine Monophosphate

For bio-hackers looking for high-strength, try our brand new "High Strength" 325mg capsules. Uridine is a naturally occurring neuroprotective compound; it is often taken in combination with a Choline supplement such as Alpha GPC or CDP Choline.

What Is Uridine Monophosphate?

Uridine Monophosphate is a naturally occurring substance that is produced in the human liver. When levels of Uridine are depleted in the body and brain, memory formation can become impaired. This makes Uridine an essential supplement for cognitive enhancement. It is regularly taken alongside a choline supplment, such as Citicoline or Alpha GPC.

Uridine also offers an array of neuroprotective qualities. It builds and repairs damaged neurons as well as improving synaptic plasticity. This means that neurons can easily form new connections in the brain. This not only improves both memory and learning capabilities, but also protects the brain against the negative effects associated with cognitive decline.

Some studies have shown that Uridine may also have an impact on improving mood and feelings of motivation.

How to take your Uridine Monophosphate

Most people take 250mg-750mg each day.

if you are stacking it with a Choline supplement (which is a fantastic idea), it is recommended that you match the dosage as close as you can. e.g. 500mg Uridine with 500mg CDP Choline.

You can easily do this with our convenient capsules. Nonetheless if you decide to go with our better value powder-form, you can use a mini-scale set to measure this (you can get one here).

Combining Uridine with a Choline Supplement

Studies at MIT revealed that Uridine synergises extremely well with the Choline b-vitamin. If you aren't taking Choline already, you should probably check out either Alpha GPC or CDP Choline before moving onto Uridine to "upgrade" your regimen.

In the study, Uridine and Choline was seen to increase the production of neuron cell membranes (link to study) and improves spatial awareness and selective attention (link to study).

CDP Choline

Our popular choline supplement and a favoured source of Choline amongst bio-hackers; CDP Choline contains 18.5% Choline by weight and is a must have supplement for enhancing cognition.

The Focus Supplements Promise

At Focus Supplements we offer only the highest quality supplements. All of our supplements are manufactured in ISO Licensed Facilities within the UK. They are overseen by the very strictest quality control procedures. If you are in anyway unsatisfied, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We also offer COA's upon request so please do not hesitate to ask.


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United Kingdom

Excellent product

Amazing product and excellent value.


Great help for nerve pain

After taking it together with CDP Cholin i can say that it really helped me with my nerve pain from a severe stenosis on multiple levels. It gets slowly better and i am looking forward for more improvement. Dont know if the spinal cord is about to repair itself and produce more tissue but i really feel an slow improvement with my overall condition. The nerve pain and numbness in the legs has improved since i take the supplements.

Michael H.

great just what I wanted

thanks for the order it's just what I wanted

A Focus Supplements Customer
Thomas P.
United Kingdom

Uridine + Alpha GPC = Enhanced Memory, Focus, and Concentration.

Focus Supplements offers high quality evidence-based neutropics at an affordable price. I take Alpha GPC with Uridine Monophosphate and Omega 3 oil supplements and I’ve noticed improved memory, concentration, motivation and focus. Search Uridine Monophosphate on Wikipedia and you’ll see that it’s efficacy is backed by concrete evidence. Excellent retailer and customer service and products at very competitive prices.

United Kingdom

Uridine Monophosphate

I have been taking uridine for about 2 weeks now and can already tell the difference in my motivation levels. I have more energy throughout the day. Good stuff. Helps me study better too.