LongJack Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract - 300mg Capsules or Powder


High Quality 200:1 LongJack Tongkat Ali Extract

Introducing our 200:1 LongJack TongKat Ali Extract; Our LongJack powder is a yellow colour with an extremely bitter taste, indicating superb quality. It is available in both powder and capsule form and has had some great feedback (read our reviews below).

What is LongJack / TongKat Ali?

LongJack, mainly referred to as TongKat Ali is derived from the roots of a Southeast Asian shrub called the Eurycoma Longifolia. It is particularly native to countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

LongJack is widely known for its benefits in sexual health, it has long been used as an aphrodesiac and pro-fertility agent. There are suggestions that it can also improve libido.

Interestingly there is also some evidence that it boosts testosterone levels in men. It enhances the bodys ability to make use of free circulating testosterone. This means that testosterone can be put to better use, especially for those with particularly low levels.

As well as this it has also been shown to stimulate the synthesis of certain growth hormones, meaning it can have a positive impact on overall athletic performance.

How to take your LongJack TongKat Ali

Most people take 300mg - 600mg daily.

This can easily be dosed with our high strength 300mg capsules. They are extremely convenient for daily use, especially if you are on the go.

Want to save on cost and measure it yourself? Alternatively you can go with our cost effective powder version of this supplement. We do recommend using a mini scale set if you do go down this route, so as to gain accurate measurements.

The Focus Supplements Promise

At Focus Supplements we offer only the highest quality supplements. All of our supplements are manufactured in ISO Licensed Facilities within the UK. They are overseen by the very strictest quality control procedures. If you are in anyway unsatisfied, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We also offer COA's upon request so please do not hesitate to ask.

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Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract

just a little bit working but ok, better than nothing.

United Kingdom


Very happy with product

United Kingdom

Pretty good!

Got these quite a while back and have decided to get some more. Noticed a boost in well-being, more confidence and libido went up (I can only assume because of the free testosterone thing). Product arrived quickly and packaged well.



I think this is a bit Working...


Never mind the colour, it's the real deal

Due to the relatively low price, and also the marketing of certain, more expensive, sellers of TKA, I was initially skeptical as to whether this extract would be any good. However, having tried it, I am now certain that it is not ineffective powder, and definitely contains a significant amount of TKA's active alkaloids. I'm sure I wasn't alone in assuming that genuine TKA extract should be dark brown, but I now believe this is a myth. Apart from effect - which obviously, you can't assess immediately - I think the best indicator is bitterness, and Focus' TKA is unpleasantly bitter - and I'm someone with a high tolerance for strong/unpalatable tastes. Of course, this is something that theoretically could be faked, but Focus is a reputable company, and so I discount that as a possibility. When it comes to the precise strength of the effect, I must admit that I find it hard to tell- but this is only because I had already ordered a bottle of TKA from another seller, who I knew to be reliable, if also expensive, and so, since I started taking this as soon as I finished Focus' capsules, and since it can take a while for TKA to properly kick in, it was hard to tell which product was doing what. Interestingly, the TKA from aforesaid other seller was only a shade or two darker than Focus' TKA, and this is an 'award winning' product, and one which I trust. So, there's further confirmation to me that the idea that TKA has to be dark brown is overblown. This extract may or may not be as strong as the most expensive products, but I am convinced that it's the best value for money. There are definitely a lot of weak or fake products out there, some of which may be yellow in colour- but this is not one of them. I will only be buying Focus' TKA from now on, but next time I'll buy the powder, and make my own capsules- I gather that capsules are better, because stomach acid has quite a negative effect on the absorption of TKA. My only real reservation is that Focus don't provide the Eurycomanone content, as I think this would be helpful who are as uncertain about it as I initially was.

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