CDP Choline (Citicoline) (250mg) Capsules or Powder

Capsules or Powder?

What Is CDP Choline?

CDP Choline is a nutritional supplement popular for enhancing cognition. It’s especially popular for protecting the brain from age-related cognitive decline or other forms of memory impairment. Our body naturally creates CDP choline as an intermediary in the production of phospholipids — which themselves are a key component of cell membranes, especially in the brain.
You can find CDP choline in capsulated form, usually in combination with other nootropics.

The Science Behind CDP Choline

CDP Choline (citocholine) is a nutritional prodrug — meaning that it’s converted in the body into the active constituents. In its raw form, CDP Choline doesn’t have much effect on the body. It needs to first be processed by the liver — where it’s converted into choline and cytidine (and later uridine).
1. Choline
Choline is used to manufacture neurotransmitters in the brain like acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is critically important in the process of learning and memory, as well as muscle movement.
A lot of nootropics are designed to work through the effects of this neurotransmitter — such as the nootropic powerhouses piracetam and aniracetam.
By providing the raw materials to manufacture acetylcholine, CDP Choline can help optimise for both learning and memory.
2. Cytidine/Uridine
Cytidine may be used as is — or later converted to uridine.
Both cytidine and uridine are nucleotides that make up nucleic acid in our RNA.
RNA is required for all cellular processes. The information stored in the DNA is transferred to RNA where it’s then converted into proteins and other compounds manufactured by the cell.
Uridine is especially important for brain health because it’s involved with the P2Y2 receptors — which is involved with nerve growth factor (NGF). Together NGF and the P2Y2 receptor regulate the regeneration of nerve cells in the brain.
This process is commonly referred to as neuroplasticity — the ability for the brain to change and repair itself once it’s become damaged.
The cause of damage could be traumatic injury — but more commonly the cause is internal. Buildups of misshapen proteins like amyloid beta or TAU proteins can lead to a gradual shrinkage in the grey matter of the brain.
This grey matter is where most of our higher thought takes place.
Without high density, in our grey matter we begin to lose our edge. Everything from memory to decision making can start to suffer.
Other Effects of CDP Choline
CDP Choline has an incredibly diverse set of benefits to offer the brain.
On top of providing nutritional support for the manufacture of nerve cells, neurotransmitters, and RNA, it also interacts with the hypothalamus — the region in the brain responsible for controlling the stress response.
People are using the compound to improve the brains ability to resist the negative effects of stress — this is the same mechanism of action for adaptogens like Rhodiola or Ashwagandha.

Is CDP Choline The Supplement For Me?

CDP Choline has many uses — it provides protection from age-related loss of grey matter in the brain, supports the stress response system in the hypothalamus, provides nutritional support for the RNA and neurotransmitters, and is involved with glucose metabolism in the brain.  
Most people take the compound for its neuroprotective effects long-term. However, others prefer to use the supplement to promote memory and concentration and to prime the brain for upcoming periods of emotional and physical stress.

Ingredients & Dosage

Ingredients Per Capsule (250mg):
Citicoline 250mg, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Vegetarian Capsule (HPMC).
Recommended Dose:
Take up to 2 capsules daily (500mg).
Ingredients: Citicoline Pure Powder.
Recommended Dose:
Take up to 250mg - 500mg daily.
Please note our CDP Choline powder does not come with a scoop.
Want to find out more about CDP Choline?
If you have any questions about our supplements please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!


There are a few other supplements you can combine with your CDP Choline to achieve an even greater benefit...

1. For Memory Enhancement

CDP is an excellent source of choline for the brain, which is used primarily to manufacture acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is heavily involved with the process of learning and memory, so a lot of people have started taking choline supplements to optimize their study efforts.
The effects of CDP choline are beneficial on their own but can be even further amplified in combination with a nootropic that specifically increases acetylcholine levels. The best option for these effects is the racetam family of nootropics such as piracetam or aniracetam.
Combining CDP choline, or other sources of choline like alpha-GPC are also useful for preventing the side-effects of compounds like piracetam that can deplete acetylcholine if you don’t also consume adequate amounts of choline.

2. For Studying

Studying requires the help of several key neurotransmitters in the brain — including both acetylcholine and dopamine.
While we already know that acetylcholine is important for memory retrieval and formation, dopamine is important for keeping us focused.
By taking supplements to boost both acetylcholine and dopamine, we can boost our study efforts even further.
One of the best dopamine-boosting supplements available is L-Theanine — a relaxing and concentration-enhancing extract obtained from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis).

3. For Neuroprotection

CDP choline is well known for its neuroprotective benefits. It does this through several different mechanisms including nutritional support for growing new nerve cells and neurotransmitters. It’s also thought to improve blood flow to the brain.
In order to optimize these effects, it’s beneficial to combine CDP choline with other supplements that provide additional improvements to cerebral blood flow. The most popular supplement for this effect is a herb known as Ginkgo Biloba.

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