Ordering Info

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship to nearly every country in the world with the exception of Norway who have extremely strict rules on the import of dietary supplements. All items are shipped from the UK.

How much is it to ship to my country?

Shipping to the UK is free for standard shipping (1-2 days delivery), or Recorded at £7.99. 

Shipping to European countries is also free by standard airmail (4-7 days delivery).

For a full list of our shipping costs and times, please read our shipping & returns page.

I have not received my order, the estimated time frame has elapsed what shall I do?

If you paid for tracked shipping you will have received a tracking number. Unless otherwise stated, your goods will be dispatched via a Royal Mail service in the UK. Please check the tracking on the websites below;


If you did not pay for tracked mail, please email us at support@focussupplements.co.uk providing us with your name, email, order no. and address and we will look into the whereabouts of your order.

Do you provide a scoop with your products?

We do not provide a scoop with any product, the reason for this, is the densities of each product vary significantly thus making a scoop an inaccurate means of measuring doses. We recommend using a scale. We have a scales available which are accurate to 0.001g, which is perfect for lower dose products. 

How will my product be packaged?

Unless otherwise stated your product will be sent in a high quality aluminium foil bag, which is heat sealed for extra protection. We will send your product in a discreet standard envelope, padded envelope or small cardboard box. This is dependent on the size and nature of the order.

How shall I store my products?

We recommend storing your products in a cool dry place at room temperature. One exception to this is Alpha GPC 99%. We recommend that this is stored in an air tight container at room temperature. Alpha GPC is extremely hydroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air). It is therefore very important that these products are exposed to as little air as possible.

Can you provide a Certificate of Analysis?

Yes we can. Please request one by emailing us at support@focussupplements.co.uk and you will be emailed a COA and/or HPLC.

What forms of Payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit/debit cards. 

Can I change the address which was entered at the checkout?

If you want to change the address, please contact us immediately. If the item has not been dispatched this will be possible.

Do you provide a wholesale service with discounted prices?

Yes we can assist you with this. The discount available is subject to the quantity ordered. Please email us at B2B@focussupplements.co.uk for further details.