Uridine 250mg Tablets - 40% Off - May 2017 Supplement of the Month

May 01, 2017 1 Comment

Uridine 250mg Tablets - 40% Off - May 2017 Supplement of the Month-Focus Supplements


Every month, we announce our "Supplement of the Month" - heavily discounting a single supplement (at random!) for one time only.

We do this to encourage our fans to try new supplements that we think will really benefit their productivity, focus and overall cognitive performance. 

This month, our team has chosen to promote Uridine 250mg tablets at a heavily discounted rate of 40% off!

That means you can get 60 x 250mg tablets for £9.54 (reduced from £15.99)

... And also get 120 x 250mg tablets for £17.39 (reduced from £28.99)

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Uridine - Need More Motivation?

Uridine is a major component in RNA and it is vital for the production of cellular membranes, which is essential for brain development. 

Uridine modulates dopamine release and helps to create new dopamine receptors by activating the D1 and D2 receptor signaling cascade.

Dopamine is your motivation neurotransmitter - the more dopamine you have, the higher "reward" motivated behaviour you pursue. Imagine finding even the smallest task incredibly rewarding - that's the kind of feeling that turns you into a productivity machine.

Uridine works incredibly well as both a standalone supplement, as well as when stacked with a Choline supplement (read our article on the benefits of stacking Uridine with Alpha GPC for Better Mood, Focus and Memory)

The Benefits of Uridine

Get Uridine at 40% Off

Buy Uridine 250mg tablets at our store here.

We offer free and fast shipping to the UK (1-3 days) and Europe (3-7 days) and also a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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