These are real reviews that we collect from our amazing customers using an email survey two weeks post-purchase. Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give us their feedback!



Good Supplier
"product as described and was delivered in time. Good supplier."
Logan S.
Uridine + Alpha GPC = Enhanced Memory, Focus, and Concentration.
"Focus Supplements offers high quality evidence-based neutropics at an affordable price. I take Alpha GPC with Uridine Monophosphate and Omega 3 oil supplements and I’ve noticed improved memory, concentration, motivation and focus. Search Uridine Monophosphate on Wikipedia and you’ll see that it’s efficacy is backed by concrete evidence. Excellent retailer and customer service and products at very competitive prices. "
Thomas P.
Uridine Monophosphate
"I have been taking uridine for about 2 weeks now and can already tell the difference in my motivation levels. I have more energy throughout the day. Good stuff. Helps me study better too."
Love the products, great service
"Excellent, I’ll definitely be buying from you again. Quick, easy service and great products."
Natasha T.
D-Mannose powder
"D-mannose from Focus Supplements appeared to be the cheapest on the Internet. I received a tub of 100g powder 2 days after placing an order and within a week of taking a few doses, my agonising bladder pain subsided. I am now following the recommended dosage to keep any infections at bay. A great product at an excellent price. Would definitely buy again."
Focus Supplements
"Very easy website to navigate, delivery quick and efficient - would highly recommend Focus Supplements"
david p.
quality of Tongkat Ali extract 200:1
"I am sorry to say, but this Tongkat Ali is not at all any extract, especially not 200:1 Please check the color and effect of it by yourself. In best case it's just pure root powder ..."
Joerg O.
Tongkat Ali
"Fast efficient service, the product is excellent too."
Anthony H.
GREAT Customer Service- ordered from USA
"This was my second purchase of DIM with Focus Supplements. Although shipping to the USA is pricey, their amazing customer service and quality of supplements is why I will continue to purchase despite the numerous DIM options available here in the states. I take DIM for hormonal reasons and feel a noticeable difference. This particular brand is one of the most potent on the market. Two things I would change: shipping prices and shipping time to USA."
Best Nootropics shop
"I like it. See you next time"
Marius K.
Quality supplements for sensible money, with reliable service
"Great! I have tried lots of different companies and Focus really delivers on service quality and pricing. I will order again!!"
Andrew T.
Great product
"Really good product felt the difference straight away and fast delivery "
Excellent communication and sevice
"Friendly staff assisted me with questions and service in a speedy and professional manner. "
Symeon C.
Excellent product
"Received on time, has really helped me in improving focus, no side effects all natural herbal products really brought me towards purchasing these tablets. Always remember still eat your dinner on time :)"
Jamshid A.
Grest service
"I received all products quickly and well packed. Focus Supplement is a very great choice!"
Giuseppe P.
Great service
"Great service would recommend "
Alpha gpc
"Excellent company and product. "
Graham R.
No fuss no muss
"Ordered some Citicoline which is relatively hard to get a hold of in the UK. Had absolutely no problem ordering with Focus Supplements, received the order promptly and with no issues, and supplement itself seems like it is goof quality. Will re-order again."
Nos D.
Powerful, affordable and prompt delivery
"I saw this supplement listed as an ingredient list of the expensive Pro/grade (now Jay Lab Pro) K20 capsules, it noted in their K20 Special Report PDF as increasing free testosterone and stopping testosterone being wasted by increasing SHBG (*** Hormone Binding Globulin), especially after 30. I've tried lots of Male support and anti-estrogen supplements, most of which proved useless, but this supplement had the most noticeable effects with large enough amounts of effective Male support supplements including Tribulus Terrestris, Aspartic Acid and some adaptogens. After several days of this, I felt noticeably more alive (possibly because of higher free Testosterone); it also seemed to boost *** production below the belt and possibly boosted arousal too. Hopefully this supplement will rollback some other symptoms of ageing, including my stubborn overweight and weight loss plateau, despite my Paleo Keto fasting diet. This product is cheaper here than at Blackburn Distributions, but I used them to buy some other helpful supplements not sold on this site e.g. L-Norvaline."
"I would definitely buy from you again."
Isabelle S.
great value for money
"Very fast shipping. Transparent information on the web. Very happy"
Miroslav D.
Endometriosis sufferer
"I am so glad i found this in the UK. I purchased DIM many years ago in the US, returned to the UK and cound not find a stockist. Anyone suffereing from Endo or a hormonal inbalance must give DIM a try. I have been battling estrogen overload due to Endo and it has recently worsened. My symptoms include pelvic pain, weight gain, adult acne, night sweats and low mood. After one week my pain had reduced. After two weeks my skin cleared up and my weight began to stabilise. It's been over 4 weeks and things just keep getting better. I have been avoiding oestrogen rich foods for years and eat a healthy diet the only change I've made is taking DIM so it's definitely the supplement working."
Alpha GPC powder
"The product is of very good quality. I felt its effect almost instantly. Delivery was rapid, order arrived in 2 days. "
First time user of Focus Supplements
"Found these when my usual supplier of L-Theanine had run out. Happy I found them as the service was fast and efficient with the added bonus that the product was less expensive. Will definitely use again."
K.T. M.
Excellent product, packing and service!
"5 stars, will be a repeat customer. Sure beats amazon. Great customer service! Nice to work with real people with names rather than the faceless scripts on Amazon!"
Robert B.
Great service
"Great service great product will buy again"
Donna M.
Great service
"Have ordered a few time and has been great every time. Easy to order and supplements arrive promptly. Would recommend. "
Tongat Ali
"Tongat Ali was recommend to me by a friend after talking about age related drop in male energy. At first the price put me off but the dose needed is so small it is good value for money. It really has made me more firm where it counts my woman walks around with a lovely smile. It also helps with the workouts and its a natural ting. "
DIM with Black Pepper Extract
"Very straightforward purchase. Product UK manufacture , pepper extract seems to help in taking product , no unpleasant side effects which can be associated with taking DIM"
david p.