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Noticeable difference
"Stacks well, feel more energised and alert, skin looks more radiant, scars heals quicker! "
CDP Choline - 250mg Tablets and Powder
"Fast delivery and great product - recommended."
Truly Outstading
"I've been shopping at Focus Supplements for for long time, I must say that the products are legit, are value for money, and their costumer service is excellent."
Jacinto C.
Perfect product
"I'm a guy with a history of depression and medication for the condition, most noticably SSRI antidepressants, which have a side effect of killing my libido and ****** functioning. So I've been searching for natural cures including vitamins, herbal remedies, hormonal support (such as test boosters), cognitive support (such as 5-HTP). I've been building up my 'stack' over a long time where I try a supplement to see for myself if I find it beneficial and whether I want to keep it in my stack or discontinue it. Because any one supplement on its own, despite its claims, will not be enough. With that being said, I tried rhodiola rosea from Focus Supplements and I'm very glad I did. I feel much calmer and clearer from its use. I feel more centred and generally have a better feeling of wellbeing from it. And ****** feeling has returned with it. It feels like It's given me back lead in my pencil if you know what I mean. So it's definately a product that I will keep in my stack from here on in. It takes about 2 weeks to feel the benefits of it, and the results are subtle but obvious. This product won't make you high; it will make you feel balanced and even with a quiet, knowing confidence. P.s. If anyone else uses supplements as part of a stack like I do, I strongly suggest you cycle it and 'detox' for one week in a month, because you don't want your body to become too accustomed to them because they'll lose their effective edge to you. Best of luck. "
Richard W.
Good product
"Fast shipment, good product - doesn't have a huge effect but just aids focus and relaxation."
Sam F.
alpha gpc
"Very good supplement "
"Great product and great shopping experience - just perfect :)"
Rapid Delivery
"Perfect Service. Information about packing and shipmend was efficient (not to much) International shipment was also prompt. Thanks a lot."
Silvia A.
Uridine Monophosphate - does its job!
"Despite being a borderline non-responder to nootropics in general, I've noticed an improvement in mood, alertness and cognitive function generally when using this product. This holds true when used by itself, but even more so when it's part of a stack. The quality of Focus Supplements products is excellent, as is the service."
Michael E.
Caffine + L-Theanine
"Great supplements. Gives me a nice boost and evens out my mood without giving me the caffeine jitters. Would definitely recommend."
Rob C.
Alpha gpc
"Very easy web site to use. Delivery was as promised Information on the supplement was helpful. "
Judith L.
Long jack tongkat ali
"Very good, having taken tongkat ali before i knew already how it should work and found the instructions of 2 a day was too low. I increased the dose to 4 a day which equates to 1200mg per day and they worked great."
Paul I.
"Thank You really good product and service. Will buy again "
Very happy
"They were bought for two non technical friends who are extremely pleased with the quality (and low cost) of the capsules. I will definitely be buying again for them."
Robert W.
brilliant product but dose it very carefuly
"5-HTP is an awesome very potent supplement. Whenever I used it I felt a huge boost to my mood even on the gloomiest days. WARNING: it has to be very carefuly measured and dosed as it is very easy to overdose. Overdosing 5-HTP is very nasty. First two times I managed to take more than I should have and it gave me a terrible 2-3 hours, nausea, dizziness, headache, very upset stomach. I was at the edge of constantly throwing up. Although after a few hours I still got the "mood kick", so even after experiencing all the unpleasant part it still boosts ones mood. Now whenever I take it I measure it very carefully."
Andrew B.
Excellent product and service
"Great product and delivery was fast!"
"Felt the benefits straight away. Been feeling mentally foggy as of late, this soon went away and is staying away. Feel more alert and with it now. Brain and mind in one direction, definitely. Thank you for a truly great product. Will be ordering again"
Kulvinder V.
"Great product, excellent value for money, arrived promptly."
Ildiko S.
Reliable and prompt service
"This is a great supplement to take, having noticeable brain sharpening effects along with anti aging properties. As the substance is broadly an antioxidant the effect is a general improvement in energy and quality of life. The tablets are easy to take - no unpleasant aftertaste - and one tablet a day seems to be enough to feel the effect. Highly recommended!"
James T.
Efficient service, quality product
"I bought this as was having trouble sleeping. It certainly seems to have a marked effect, though I still get the occasional bad night. "
Ein glücklicher Fund
"Bei Ebay war das Produkt aufgeführt. Es entspricht voll meinen Erwartungen. Werde es bei Bedarf wieder ordern!"
Dieter Z.
"Quality products and service, highly recommend! "
"Fast delivery and the fact that it is free is a big plus. Focus Supplements is the best value site I have found."
CDP choline
"I used before Alpha GPC and I am trying now CDP choline instead, I am happy is easy to take as it's a small pill, and quality and price is also OK"
Great service and products
"Excellent product and service, will definitely be buying again!"
Best Uridine
"Best uridine I've ever used."
aogan o.
Pure L-Theanine
"Quick delivery, good communication, product is one of the purest ive tried"
returning customer
"I appreciate the customer service and great value of products, especially when buying bulk powders."
Great service and product
"I feel a subtle but noticeable difference. In my opinion better than alpha gpc"
Caroline B.
Vegetable extracts.
"Good product, letterbox friendly packet, clear labelling, quick delivery, vegan friendly company."